Are you tired of listening to dull rings when you call? Do you want to play pleasing music or a song when your friends call you? Do you want to whisper a song to your sweetheart? BonSon can make your dreams come true! By subscribing BonSon, you can give your friends and customers a surprise! Join the cool BonSon world NOW!

You can set a calling number for each ring back tone, and the caller will hear the ring back tone when he/she calls you. You can also visit the Bon Son service website to view more ring back tone choices. We provide you with music from categories such as pop music, classical music, and hot ranked music.


Set a Song as your ring back tone

After you finish buying a song, you have to set the song that you want as ring back tone
Set a song by IVR: Dial 120 and follow the instructions of the guide.
Set a song by SMS: Set <Code of Song> to 120

Purchase a song

Step 1: Go to visit the website: in order to get the code of the song you want to buy.
Step 2: Send BUY <Code of song> to 120 or Call to 120

Pricing policy

Service fee: 1HTG/Day
Price of a song: 10 HTG

To register

To register for BonSon service by SMS: send ON to 120
To register for BonSon service by IVR: Dial 120
You can also register via our website:
You can register via showroom also.
When you register you will get one pop song free of charge.
Your BonSon service password is also the password to log into the BonSon service. On the website, you can change, query and set your personal ring back tones.

To cancel service

To cancel the service by SMS: Send OFF to 120
To Cancel by IVR: Call to 120 and follow the instructions