Hybrid is a flexible solution mainly for Corporate who wants a plan with being fixed amount of payment for all staffs but still allowing staffs to pay to use more by themselves.

Hybrid is a smart combination of prepaid SIM with post-payment that offers a bunch of plans as below:

Content Corporate 3 Corporate 4 Corporate 5
Monthly fee (TCA included) 250 HTG 350 HTG 500 HTG
Nat-Nat calls free within group Free Free Free
Nat-Nat calls free Nat-Nat No No Free*
Data free 50MB 200MB 200MB

*With the calls have time less than 10 minutes.

- Free handset for the customers satisfied:
- Minimum member in group: 10.
- Contract commitment period: 24 month.
- Pay 2 monthly fee in advance, they will get 01 month for free.