DMS-ONE is a comprehensive solution which assist to manage the online distribution system ranging fro the company's Headquarter to sale supervisiors and salesmen in the market

For Manufacturing/Distributing enterprises

Closely to supervise the distribution Continounsly and instantaneously update market infomation Successfully manage sales and sales assistance programs Automatically calulate promotions in order to reduce distributior and sales suppervisors fraud. Effectively manage and control sale activities and inventory at Distributors/ Agencies Reduce report activities


Equipped with sales management tool Reduce data input, manually processed orders Update orders continuously to assure on time delivery Calculate promotion programs automatically to limit mistakes in awarding procedures Instantaneously update infomation from providers Management reporting system

Sale supervisor

Manage subordinate staff daily work Manage subordinate staff's route Manage subordinate staff's sale effectiveness Instaneously monitor the progress of completing sales targets at management areas Provide maximum support in assisting educating, and training subordinate staffs Obtain market information and customers response quickly

Sales staff

Effective sale tools Being active in sale activities(assessing exhibition, obtaining inventory infomation, placing orders) Looking up information about promotions and products to consult customers Obtain daily, monthly working targets and produces Enhance responsibility, working effectiveness Enhance the company brand image Maximum support in assisting and training sale staffs