FTTH (IPTV & IP Phone)

FTTH service gives your business and families the internet with the highest speed, you can access internet with download and upload are the same speed. This service is deployed by optical cable brings to you the highest quality, meets the most request of corporate and family to work, learn and have entertainment program on the internet.

Natcom‘s Network of optical cable presents everywhere in Haiti. We are the first and unique company to serve this kind of service. Our network is monitored and backed by a 24/7 help desk.

To register this service, please contact the nearest showroom or call 2222 6666 to meet a agent.

Natcom offers the following plans for FTTH service:

This is default plan on all sim of Natcom. This plan will allow you to pay as you go with the tariff being 2.8 HTG/MB. This plan is only for small usage of internet. If you are going to use internet frequently, it is strongly recommeneded to chose another plan.

No Speed Installation Fee Monthly Fee
1 4 Mbps $100 $90
2 6 Mbps $100 $150
3 8 Mbps $100 $200
4 10 Mbps $100 $300

(Price is not included TCA)

Please be note that:

- Installation fee for all plans is $110
- All the prices above are TAX included
- Contract must be at least 1 year (12 months)
- After finishing installation, each customer has 2 days of experiencing the service before being charged money
- The plan Home 1 is only available to school, university, hospital,… (call 2222 6666 for more information)

The following information is expressed to help all customers understand about the process of Natcom’s FTTH service:

- Step 1: customers contact Natcom nearest showrooms to request FTTH service
- Step 2: Natcom’s technical team will survey the possibility of deploy FTTH in your areas and consult customers about suitable plans for each purpose
- Step 3: Natcom’s technical team deploy and setup FTTH service for customers with all necessary devices
- Step 4: At first, customers have to pay installation fee (110$) and deposit (depends on the plan) to use the service
- Step 5: For monthly payment, Natcom staff will collect payment from each customer by meeting in person in the payment address provided by customers