National Telecom S.A, a Haitian mobile telecommunications company, serves currently over 2 million subscribers under the 'Natcom' brand. Natcom is a joint venture between and Télécommunications d'Haiti S.A.M (Haiti) and Viettel Global (Vietnam).

Viettel is the largest telecom group in Vietnam and also listed among the top 15 largest telecom companies in the world in terms of number of customers, successfully investing in 10 countries over 3 continents, including Asia, Africa and South America.

Launched in 2011, Natcom has developed in Haiti a reliable world-class network, made of over 6,000km of fiber optic cable, 1,550 base stations (2G & 3G), covering 93% nationwide and offering a full range of mobile communications and entertainment services for consumer and corporate markets.

The company acquired the license in 2010, before the Haiti history earthquake, and despite all difficulties, the Company began commercial operations on September 11, 2011. So far, it has invested over USD 230 million in the local economy and has created 2,400 direct and 25,000 plus indirect jobs. It also has a network of over 200,000 retailers, thus providing means of livelihood to thousands of Haitians.

As a national operator, Natcom has been the pioneer in innovation to deliver latest technology solutions and best products to contribute to the development of the country.

For its efforts and contribution to society, Natcom has been awarded as Best corporate social responsibility operator in 2015 by Stevie International Business Awards.


Caring – Innovator
- Pioneering in innovation and creation. Listening to and understanding in order to serve the people.
Customers are cared as separate individuals. We listen to and try to understand each customer so as to provide tailored services that most come up to their demands.


Our mission is to make our customers’ lives whole lot better by continuously innovate and personalize our products and services that suit each individual needs.

Our business strategy

- Universalizing telecommunications services to every corner of social life
- Investing to build the largest and best network infrastructure
- Applying the latest technologies
- Diversifying our services to all customers
- Pricing to suit every market segment

Natcom – SCR

As the development of society is the foundation for business growth, Natcom has actively contributed to the Haitian society and people in various education, healthcare and social projects.


Natcom has connected and providing free internet access to 1.309 schools nation-wide since 2011, which help to improve the education quality and management by enabling teachers and students to approach the global knowledge.
From late 2014, Natcom signed with Education Ministry of Haiti an agreement to provide 200,000 free Nat-Edu SIMs for people working in education and offer 4$/month/sim for communications in 10 years, from 2015 to 2025.


Free Internet connection over 400 medical centers project was also completed in 2014, enabling national doctors to communicate and exchange knowledge easily. Besides, Natcom also partnered with Cuban Doctor Association to provide free medical treatment to thousands of people since 2014 in a joint project.


Since 2011, Natcom has sponsored 35 points of HD video conferencing system and internet connection for the Haitian government to facilitate the country management. This project also supports government to implement e-government program to bridge the digital gap between rural and urban areas.


2011 Natcom network inaugurated 2012 + 1 milion subs
+ 1,000 BTS 2Gb & 500 BTS 3G
2013 Combleted accumulated 5,000 KM fiber cable 2014 100 milion usd of revenue and 6500 KM optic cable 2015 + 2 milion subs
+ Got award corporate social responsibility program of year