New Natcom 4G Hybrid Plans

Starting from200HTG subscribe to one of Natcom's new 4G Hybrid plans offering a FREE data, Nat-Nat minutes and SMS. You will receive a monthly credit for other services of your choice:

  • Additional local and international minutes.
  • Additional local and international SMS.
New hybrid plans are aimed to data users and frequent callers; Where they have plan with two options depending on their needs.
Find below our offers:

  Unit Basic Standard plan Entrepreneur Plan Manager Plan Executive Plan Smart Plan
Monthly fee HTG 200 400 400 800 800 1200 1200 1800 1800 3000
Monthly Credit HTG 50 400 50 800 150 1200 300 1800 600 3000
Nat-Nat Calls Mins 50 200 50 800 150 1200 300 1800 600 3000
Nat-Nat SMS SMS 50 200 50 800 150 1200 300 1800 600 1000
Data MB/GB 50 MB 200 MB 1.5 GB 800 MB 8 GB 1.6 GB 16 GB 3.2 GB 22 GB 30 GB (Unlimited)
CUG Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free


No need for deposits, the customer must just pay the monthly fee in advance to be eligible for the New Plans.
Hybrid: Add credit to your account when your minutes run out.


Enjoy the Internet on your Smartphone or Android by having a Natcom Hybrid 4G plan with an internet data packet up to 30GB unlimited.
The Standard plan has 1.5GB of Internet data per month to use in Haiti.

Note that

  • N2N, SMS, promotion of free mobile data: the remaining balance at the end of each month will be accumulated at the renewal of the plan only.
  • The CUG will not be available in the next month in case of non-payment ; CUG: Customers who are registered in the same group will be able to make free calls within the group ; The CUG group must have at least 5 members.
  • Monthly fee payable in advance.


For roaming service: Hybrid subs must send the word ON to number 127 to activate the Roaming option.
Roam Like Home :
"Roam like Home" is a service that allows all Natcom customers to opt for an applicable rate plan when they are roaming in the United States for a limited time. No subscription fees, just add credits to access local rates to make calls, send messages and use roaming data in the US on AT & T network.