IPLL or IP Leased Line service gives your business optimum efficiency through a single unshared line, passing through our speed speed backbone to the Internet.

To register this service, please contact the nearest showroom or call 2222 6666 to meet a agent

Natcom offers the following plans for IPLL service:

This is default plan on all sim of Natcom. This plan will allow you to pay as you go with the tariff being 2.8 HTG/MB. This plan is only for small usage of internet. If you are going to use internet frequently, it is strongly recommeneded to chose another plan.

No Plan Speed Duration Time of deloying Installation fee Monthly fee
1 IPLL 01 Mbps 1 Year 7 Days US$ 800 US$ 616
2 02 Mbps US$ 1,211
3 03 Mbps US$ 1,785
4 04 Mbps US$ 2,295
5 05 Mbps US$ 2,763
6 06 Mbps US$ 3,315
7 07 Mbps US$ 3,700
8 08 Mbps US$ 4,000
9 09 Mbps US$ 4,300
10 10 Mbps US$ 4,500

(Price is not included TCA)

* Note:
- Tous les prix c-dessus ont les taxes inclus. (The Price is not included tax)
- Le contrat doit être au moins d’un an (12 mois);
- Apres avoir terminé l’installation, chaque client a 7 jours pour experimenter le service avant de payer la caution

Please note that

- Time to deploy is 7 days.
- All the prices above are not included TAX.
- Contract must be at least 1 year (12 months).
- After finishing installation, each customer has 7 days of experiencing the service before being charged money.