Keeng is a musical social network available in 3 formats: A website, a Wapsite and a mobile application. Keeng is that space where you can listen and download songs, watch and also download videos. The idea is to offer to the music lovers a place where they can go and enjoy the songs of our artists and also offer to the artists a portal where they can sell their songs.


Special policy of KEENG

When using Keeng via mobile, we do not touch to your megabytes. Your basic account is 0 HTG? Do not panic. You can still listen to music as many times as you want through Keeng, you only pay when you want to download a song.
With Keeng you can listen, download and offer music from your computer or laptop. But there is a very important condition before doing certain things.

Registration Service

If you are a Natcom subscriber

- Send the KE to 757 from a Natcom SIM card. You will receive a code; the code will be use to connect.

If you are abroad or if you use another network

- You can register using your email address. After the validation process you will receive an email containing your account information which is in fact a virtual number and a password to be connected to Keeng.

Note: You can add money via '' Lapoula '' or via Top Up on your international virtual number in order to download songs on Keeng.

Charging Method on Keeng

- To listen to music: 0HTG.
- To download a song on Keeng: 10HTG
- To buy an album: Each music 10HTG costs, the price of an album depends on the amount of music contained on the album. You have 20% discount on the total price of the album.


- To connect, you need to enter your phone number (Virtual or real) and your code (This code can be change in the settings if you want).

Access Platform Keeng

1- Via Web:
2- Via Wap:
3-Mobile Application
Looking '' Keeng Haiti '' Google Store or Apple Store
Or get the app directly following those links: