Lajan Cash

Lajan Cash – Electronic Payment Solutions BNC/NATCOM/ HaitiPay joint-venture to launch Lajan Cash mobile wallet offering a variety of services to the unbanked, Results:
• First Bank LEAD Mobile Banking
• 30 000 Clients and growing
• 245 Agents
• 264 Merchants
• Nationwide

Our Services Offering Mobile Wallet:
Anyone with a mobilephone, can easily and safely store, send and spend money using the mobile Wallet
Purchase from a merchant:
Customers can pay for their purchases with their phone at a store offering a way of proximity payments appropriate to retail.
Solutions Micro-finance: The beneficiary can collect the loan or use the money to make purchases directly using their mobile phone.
Electronic Commerce: With a few clicks, any holder of mobile phone can easily make online purchases safely.
Money Transfer:
Easy money transfers to any Cell phone: on the web, with an agent or on the road. The receiver can recover the cash or spend it directly from a store or on the web using her phone to complete the transaction.

Business can offer a safe and effective way to pay wages to their employees.

Payment of Invoices:
All utilities can provide a simple ways of payment o their invoice which is secure and affordable and at lower cost.
Air time Top up :
Recharging minutes with HAITIPAY on any telecom operator and all the phones can be used without registration or special applications.
Loyalty Program:
HAITIPAY offers two types of loyalty programs: services prepaid account and rewards to customers. Any customer can use his cell phone to benefit.
Real time Replenishment:
Jan 2013: Developed Merchant Payment and Transactions authentication backend module.
Results: 284,000 electronic payments; 23,400 Clients enrolled and using platform; 75 Agents locations; 2.8 MM US $ in transaction value processed.