Mocha is a free messenger who allows customer to chat together with new features. In addition to the basic functions like chat, creating group, sending pictures and videos; Mocha has some unique features:
1-Co-Listening: 2 customers can listen to a song together while they are chatting
2-Voice Stickers: Mocha messenger is the one and only application on the market with voice stickers designed with the famous Tonton Bicha voice and images.


Why you should use Mocha

+ Password is not necessary. Join easily our social network
+ Listen to music together while you are chatting
+ Exciting to express emotions via some unique voice stickers
+ Send free message to friends even if they don’t have Mocha yet
+ Send quickly voice messages

How to register

Use your phone number to register and activate your Mocha account:
- Enter your phone number to get the activation code by SMS from Mocha.
- Use the activation code to activate your Mocha account.

How to download

Mocha messenger is available on the entire platform, IOS, Android and Windows.
Use the following link to download Mocha for free: