N Office

Documentation and operation management systems are application of information technology aiming to enhance quality and efficiency ofbusiness tasks: Manage, received process and dispatched documents: Process, resolve tasks through business ducoment/files: develop, exchange internal infomation between subsidiary firms and external companies to ensure the safety and confidential. Sub-systems of documentation and operation management allow multi-decentralization of authoriry, hierarchical classification system and multi-configuration to respond to the linkage in One Gate System, other websites/ web portals/ systems, integrate digital signature of governmental departments with safety and confidential information. Besides, the system can be developed with safety and confidential information. Besides, the system can be developed with centralization or dispersal purpose depending on a specific demand and managing strategy of a firrm that is implenting the system. There are mobile versions (smart phones and tablet) that allow end-user performing their works remotely.

Product Advantagese

Easy using: easy registration and by only one action, content notifications (meeting, planning...) of the shool will be immediately sent to mobiles teacher: Solution for Mobile applications Intergration of application Chat, calendar, e-mail, SMS Connect and exchange with other systems Concetration on user management system System performance: permit maximum 500 user to access the system simultaneosly

Product Benefits

Improve work efficiency and manage task: business processes, handing business, solving problems, processing and managing information, monitoring business cases. Exchange information with accurate and promt manner, shorten processing time, increase the efficiency of administrative resources. Ensure security and confidential information, decentralize closely, flexibly, Allow end-users to read letters/documents but cannot save them. Save operational costs: documentation processing fees, printing, documentation storing feeds documentation transporting save processing time of documentation.