N Tracking

Management system of vehicle supervision is online, the technologically of GSM/GPRS (data transmission). geographicinformation system (GIS-supervising vehicle postion in the map) and database helps organizations, companies, individuals supervise remote its facility as the real time with time optimum purpose, save the expenses, increase capacities of coordinating, supervising and managing. V-Traking service is the service to allow user(customer) to manage the facility (vehicle, construction, machines) through "Itinerary monitor" device is glued up the facility and transmissed the data about monitor system through GBRS wave of Natcom.

Product Advantagese

National network distribution, customer care service 24/24. Product sold as a bundle, sevice, sim, software, application... Ability to customize for each individual customer Automatic Send SMS Email report every period of time Flexible payment method

Product Benefits

Motioring route Motioring location Sensory lights, sensory temperature... Control gasoline

Price: $30/car/month. Free installation fee, free maintenance fee.
(Price is not included TCA)