28/3/2016 - Natcom
Since its foundation natcom, cares about the satisfaction of all its customers, Haitians or foreigners living in Haiti, in the field of telecommunications. That is why to obey this priority, it provides them the promotions the more attractive, the best products at the best price.,.

The Ultimate goal of natcom is that each of the inhabitants of the country has a phone as well as access to the internet in all corners of the Republic. Anxious to provide quality services to the population and innovate to his benefit, natcom informs the public, the press in particular, that his phones are not solely of communication tools, but can also be the portfolios secure electronic and beneficial to All thanks to the service lajancash.

This service that our subscribers were waiting with impatience is now available through the network natcom. Lajancash is the service of the bank at a distance launched by the national bank of credit (BNC) in 2013, through the use of cell phone as a virtual wallet..

With lajancash on your phone natcom, it will be easier to resolve its purchases quickly and very secure. The customers of natcom can store, mail and spend their money in safety. Points of sale affiliated to lajancash, they can pay with their phone natcom undisturbed. If need be, they will also be able to transfer easily, pay their bills or to receive their salary through their phone.

Thanks to this service, the natcom contributes to the efforts of the administration in order to strengthen financial inclusion of Haitians on all the national territory. One of the benefits offered by the network of the natcom is that he is omnipresent on all the territory of Haiti.

Thus is offered to all the opportunity to create and / or develop commercial activities throughout the country. This progressive comes within the framework of the will of natcom investing in the social and offer opportunities to improve the lives of each of the Haitians.