Natcom offers 5 postpaid plans with a wide range of price for all kinds of customers. The detail information can be found in the following table:

Content Unit Silver Gold Plantinum Galaxy Luxury
Monthly fee $ 25 50 100 150 250
Initial deposit $ 50 100 200 300 500
Credit limit $ 12.5 25 50 75 125
Advantages Cashback $ 25 50 100 150 250
N2N voice $ 25 75 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
N2N SMS $ 25 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Data GB 1 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
CUG feature $ Free Free Free Free Free
Roam like home $ 10 10 Free Free Free

Monthly fee: Customers have to pay monthly fee in advance for all POSTPAID plans;

Initial deposit (min) is minimum value that subs have to deposit for each POSTPAID plan:
+ Formula: Initial deposit (min) = 2 x (Monthly fee)
+ Subs can deposit more than minimum value to increase Credit limit;
+ Step to deposit more is $10.

Credit limit depends on deposit value with formula:
+ Credit limit = 3/4 * (Initial deposit) – (Monthly fee);

Be note that:
+ All the tariff above is excluded Tax;
+ N2N means that Natcom to Natcom
+ Cashback money can be used to call/SMS Natcom – Natcom, Natcom – Other Network, Natcom – International Zone 0, Data
+ CUG feature: all numbers in the same bill can call each other for FREE
+ Roam like home can be found more information
+ When subs reach credit limit, they cannot occur more hot charge but they can still use other advantages (Cash back, N2N Voice, Data, CUG,…) normally.
+ Subs can extend credit limit at any time if they pay more deposit.
+ MI0 is default Mobile Internet plan for POSTPAID plan Silver & Gold; after free Data, excess charge is $0.05/MB. For more information about MI0
+ For POSTPAID plan Plantinum, Galaxy & Luxury: Maximum Data volume is 10GB, after 10GB, speed will be slower (at 512/256kbps).