How to register

- Postpaid subscribers: go to Natcom showrooms
- Prepaid subscribers: text ON to 127


- Zone 1: USA, Canada, France, Dominicana Republic
- Zone 2: Cuba
- Zone 3: Rest of the world

Charging block

- Voice: 1 + 1 minute
- Data: 10 + 10 KB


Zone Countries Telephone call (HTG/minute) Send SMS (HTG) Receive SMS (HTG) Data (HTG/10KB)
National calls Call back to Haiti Call to other countries Receiving calls
1 US,CAN, France, DOM 40 60 80 40 12 Free 3
2 Cuba 68 68 120 68 48 Free 4
3 Other countries 68 68 120 68 12 Free 4

Roam Like Home

‘’Roam like Home” is a service which allows all Natcom’s subscribers to opt in to a specialized rate plan applicable while roaming in the USA for a limited time. Therefore, they will pay one flat rate to access local rates for Voice, SMS and Data while roaming in the USA only on the AT&T

How to use?

- *187*2# (Daily Plan)
- *187*1# (Monthly Plan)


- Daily plan (30 HTG)
- Monthly plan (250 HTG)

Call (Price/minute)

- Call locally/6.5 HTG
- Call locally/6.5 HTG

Call to International Destination (except satellite destinations and premium numbers

- Receive Call/ Free of charge
- Send SMS (all destinations)/ 2.5 HTG
- Receive SMS / Free of charge
- Data (10Kb + 10Kb) / 6.5 HTG / MB

Charging block

- Voice: 60s + 60s
- Data: 10Kb + 10Kb

Other information

Will I be able to activate the plan while roaming?

- Yes, customer can activate the plan while abroad

What are the conditions of the Roam Like Home service in USA?

- If a prepaid subscriber runs out of credit and adds additional credit, charging should still be at the reduced rates for the duration of the plan
- Calls will be charged only from the main account
- Multiple subscriptions are not allowed. A subscriber can subscribe again any time after expiration of the previous subscription
- The rates of the plan are applicable only when roaming in the USA and attached to AT&T
- After a customer’s activated plan has expired they should receive notification to

tell them how to reactive the service automatically - International toll free numbers will be charged at regular roaming rates
- Voicemail services will function as normal when roaming
- Subscribers can check their balance (*101#) in a regular way when roaming on the plan
- Charge per Second billing applies
- After 30 day plan duration, charged will be billed at standard roaming rates
+ No local promotion apply
+ Local data bundle do not apply
+ Bonus credit not applicable while roaming
+ Roaming Data bundle is still valid while on Roam Like Home
+ Normal rates will apply if there is no valid subscription

Do I need to re-subscribe (renew) after every 30 days?

- Yes, the service is not auto renewable since you are in roaming but you will receive a notification one day before the plan expires


Only in USA via AT&T