SMS Info

To register

SMS INFO is a big information portal based on SMS where a customer can subscribe to receive daily news about actualities, sport , joke, exchange rate, Social behavior tips, and lottery results automatically on their phones by SMS.

Different categories

Name Description How to register Cancel
INFO Provide all the hot news of the day Send INFO to 206 Send OFF INFO to 206
SPO Provide all info about sport in general Send SPO to 206 Send OFF SPO to 206
LOTO Provide daily NEW YORK lottery results Send LOTO to 206 Send OFF LOTO to 206
JOB Provide daily news about job vacancies Send JOB to 206 Send OFF JOB to 206
BLAG Provide daily joke Send BLAG to 206 Send OFF BLAG to 206
SV Provide daily etiquettes information Send SV to 206 Send OFF SV to 206
TO Provide the daily exchange rate Send TO to 206 Send OFF TO to 206

Pricing policy

The daily price of each package is 2 HTG/Day. If a subscriber registers two (2) packages, he will pay 4 HTG per day for them or if the subscriber registers three (3) packages, he’s going to pay 6 HTG per day.
The system will charge the subscriber automatically daily. It’s an auto renew process.