Student SIM

Student SIM is a special offer from Natcom to all students in Haiti. This SIM provides countless advantage in order to support education in Haiti.

Each student can afford one special SIM by joining special campaign Natcom deploying in each universities, colleges... In case students miss these special occasions, this SIM can be also attained by processing in Natcom showrooms.


Tariff policy

Student SIM offers affordable tariff policy in comparison with other SIM as well as other operators. The detailed tariff of Student SIM can be found in the following table:

Direction Unit Student SIM
Local Voice Nat-Nat HTG/mn 4.5
Nat-Other 4.5
Nat-Other 1.5
Nat-INTL 5

Please be note that:

+ The tariff of Voice, SMS will be applied all days
+ The tariff of Data is only applied for Pay-as-you-go methods. You can purchase many affordable data plans by going through this link

On activation of SIM

All students will receive the following advantage for FREE:
- 8 HTG in basic/main account with 30 days to use.
- 12HTG for Automatic Crazy Data activation plan.
- 50HTG in promotion/dedicated account to call/SMS Natcom and Natcom in 7 days.
- 50MB in promotion/dedicated account to use data in 7 days.
Note: To check your balance, dial *101# (basic/main account) or*102# (promotion/dedicated accounts). Dial *500# to choose your favorite plan.

Time-limit of plans

Different to Xchange SIM, Student SIM provides longer expired date for basic/main account. By one of these actions: make a call, send an SMS, refill/Topup, you will gain more 60 days to use.

To check expired date of basic/main account, dial *101#.

Special Basic Data plan – CRAZY DATA & DU18 (available to Student SIM)

To register in D8 Dial *134*8#
Registration Fee 12HTG
Check Quota Dial *102#
Advantages You will receive 1GB to use until midnight from the registration time.
To register in DU18 Dial *134*18#
Registration Fee 18HTG
Check Quota Dial *103#
Advantages You will receive 1GB high speed+ unlimited Internet with reduced speed to use until midnight from the registration time.