Tourist SIM

Tourist SIM is an special SIM provided by Natcom to promote Haiti tourism. Any tourist coming to Haiti will receive a FREE Tourist SIM to make their days in Haiti better.

The Tourist SIM is not for sales. Each tourist can afford one special SIM by taking in Natcom showrooms in Airport. At present, you can collect this SIM in two airports: Port-au-Pricne (OUEST) and Airport in NORTH provinces.


Tariff policy

The detailed tariff of Tourist SIM can be found in the following table:

Direction Unit TOURIST
Local Voice Nat-Nat HTG/min 4.5
Nat-Other 4.5
Nat-Other 1.5
Nat-INTL 5

Please be note that:

- The tariff of Voice, SMS will be applied all days
- The tariff of Data is only applied for Pay-as-you-go methods. You can purchase many affordable data plans by going through this link
- Natcom offers some special packages for international calls

On activation of SIM

All tourists will receive the following advantage for FREE:
- 100 MB to use in 1 days
Note: to check your advantage, dial *101# (basic/main account) or *102# (promotion/dedicated accounts)

Special advantages for Tourist SIM

Based on the amount of refill, Natcom offers FREE all the Tourists the following advantages:
- Refill from 200 HTG, receive 500 MB to use in 1 day
- Refill from 500 HTG, receive 1 GB (1024 MB) to use in 3 days
- Refill from 1000 HTG, receive 5 GB (5120 MB) to use in 7 days

Time-limit of plans

Depend on the value of refill, system will add days of using basic/main account.

Recharge value (HTG) Time-limit (days)
X < 20 3
20 <= X < 50 10
50 <= X < 100 20
100 <= X < 300 30
300 <= X < 500 40
500 <= X < 1000 50
1000 <= X 100

To check expired date of basic/main account dial *101#.